Face to face and online counseling and hypnotherapy in Ham, Richmond.

I can work with you to help problems such as; 

Anxiety & depression 

Eating disorders

Low self esteem & confidence


What I do


I offer counselling and hypnotherapy to adults, to help and support you in overcoming a wide range of issues, and dedicate myself to making you feel comfortable in progressing during our time. I'm based in Ham, Richmond Upon Thames, Surrey

Our first consultation is completely free, by telephone. 07521197114



Our initial telephone conversation is to have a brief chat about what you would like to gain from therapy and to decide whether I am the right therapist to help you. This consultation is completely free. If I feel I am not the right person for your particular issues I will refer you to another therapist. 

I can help with

A healthier you

A healthier you

A healthier you


Smoking cessation

Overcoming phobias

Managing OCD

Weight control and improving eating habits

Hypnotic gastric band

Correcting eating disorders

Curtailing excessive alcohol or drug use

A healthier you

A healthier you


 Enhancing performance

Increasing confidence and self esteem

Reducing stress and anxiety

Work related stress

Easing symptoms of stress related illness such as IBS, Eczema, and Asthma  

Relationship issues


A healthier you


Bereavement and loss 





Healing your Inner child

Age regression


Gift Cards

Send a gift card to friends and family or buy it now for your future use.

Services offered



                  £35.00 per session

Face to face or online.


            £45.00 per session

Face to face or online. Together we will agree how many sessions you will need.

Smoking Cessation  

          £100.00 ( 2 sessions )

The first session is usually 1 week before QUIT day with some NLP based exercises to prepare you and information gathering based on your smoking habits to individualize your unique QUIT script which can be recorded.

Hypnotic Gastric Band


We usually have a few sessions of counselling or hypnotherapy prior to the virtual gastric band

Past Life Regression 


You may feel that a phobia  or relationship issues stem from a past lifetime, or simply be curious to explore previous lifetimes. This is also a unique gift idea for friends or relatives.

Block Bookings

counselling 6 sessions  £180.00

Hypnotherapy                £240.00

Supporting stay at home Britain

Now available online via Skype, Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime